Employees Community Fund of Boeing California Awards HSSBV Critter Camp $3,000 Grant!

The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley has been awarded a $3,000 grant from the Employees Community Fund of Boeing California to underwrite the costs of two future Critter Camps.

Each year the Humane Society hosts the interactive, hands on camps where children learn the importance of kindness and compassion toward all living creatures. Students engage in subject areas of science, language arts, social science, mathematics, health, physical education, and music. Several guest presenters allow students to learn about the differences between wild and tame animals; experience the wonderful word of bugs, marsupials, therapy and service dogs; and create “make and take” animal art activities. Anywhere from fifty to sixty 3rd grade students on their off track schedules attend each Critter Camp.

Critter Camp, as well as the entire Humane Education program, operates solely on donations, as they are not income producing.