We Value Your Support!

Thanks to your tax deductible donations, and the dedicated efforts of our wonderful volunteers and staff, the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley is able to help thousands of animals and people. Last year alone, the Humane Society did the following:

  • 10,624 cats and dogs were spayed or neutered at our low-cost hospital to prevent pet over-population.
  • 59,716 vaccinations were given to protect animals from disease.
  • 5,728 medical exams were given to animals who otherwise might not have received care.
  • 623 animals were confiscated from unsafe environments to protect them from neglect or abuse due to our cruelty investigation program.
  • 1,300 complaints of animal abuse and neglect were investigated.
  • Thousands of children in San Bernardino elementary schools (grades K-6) were reached with our message of compassion for all living creatures through our humane education program. We believe this early instruction is integral to helping them become more responsible companions to their pets and teaches them to be advocates for kindness in their communities.
  • More than 85,000 animals were seen at the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley.

Make a Donation to help the Animals in our Community

You can make a secure donation on-line or print out a donation form and mail it to the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley. Your gifts help us continue providing vital education and investigation programs, as well as spay/neuter pets to prevent pet-overpopulation.

Gifts can be made in honor of a loved one or a special pet. You can make your gift with Visa or Mastercard, or you can send a check to:

The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley
374 West Orange Show Road
San Bernardino, CA 92408.

Download our print-and-mail donation form here

Shop On-Line and Help the Animals!

Shop till you drop and the animals will win! Simply click on IGIVE.com BEFORE you shop and then go to your favorite shopping sites! A donation will be made through IGIVE to the Humane Society by each participating retailer.

Click on this link: Mall at iGive.com

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you think your business might be interested in supporting the Humane Society through corporate sponsorships, call Jill Henderson at (909) 386-1400, ext. 224.

Remember Us in Your Will: Bequests & Estate Planning

Your generosity can continue in an extraordinary way by remembering the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley in your will. A charitable bequest in your will or revocable living trust can help ensure a valuable estate tax deduction. You can choose to give cash, personal or real estate property, or a portion of the estate’s value. Please consult your financial advisor with questions and for further information.

“Together we can make a difference as we help animals in need”

Giving made Easy…

The Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley is pleased to offer a variety of ways for people to help our animals. You are needed and all gifts are appreciated. Your gifts enable us to continue providing education programs, spay/neuter surgeries and animal protection in our community.

Gifts of Cash: A simple and direct way to make a gift. Gifts of cash can be made on-line using a credit card through a secure web site at http://hssbv.org. Checks can be made payable to the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley.

Stocks: Giving stock is an excellent way to help the animals. Avoid capital gains tax and get full value as a charitable deduction.

Tangible Personal Property: Gifts of tangible personal property may include furniture, equipment, books, gems, precious metals, art, or nearly any type of property.

Real Estate: An outright gift of a residence, vacation home, ranch, commercial building or vacant land can be an excellent way to support the Society.

Matching Gifts: Visit your employer’s Human Resource office to see if your organization matches employee gifts!

Bequests: Making a bequest in your will or living trust is a common and efficient avenue of support. You make a contribution without reducing your assets during your lifetime.

Tributes or Memorial Gifts: Gifts can be made in honor or in memory of a pet or loved one.

Pledges: A gift can be paid over a period of up to five years by making a written pledge.

For more information, or to make a gift, please contact Jill Henderson at (909) 386-1400, ext. 224.

Workplace Giving

If you give to the United Way through your company you can designate the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley to be the recipient of your monthly contribution. In addition, you can check with your employer to see if they have a matching gift program to help your donation go further.

Can You Help Make a Difference?

The Make a Difference Club was created for the purpose of giving our donors the opportunity to make monthly contributions to help fund our Humane Education and Cruelty Investigation programs, neither of which are income-producing and yet are so vital to the welfare of animals in our community, now and for years to come.

Last year, we reached more than 10,000 children with our message of compassion for all living creatures, and were enabled to investigate calls of suspected abuse or neglect which led to the rescue of hundreds of dogs and cats from unsafe environments. Thank you for being a part of these life-changing programs. You really will make a differ- ence for animals through your support.

Download your membership form to get started today.

Or contact:

Jill A. Henderson
Development & Community Outreach Coordinator
(909) 386-1400 ext. 224

Dear Friends,

Right now, the animals we treat need your help! Please help us help them today, so that we may continue to serve tomorrow.


Stay Safer at Home. Help us get through this, flatten the curve. Your pets are a great way to make sure you get outside for a safe walk and keep you company during this challenging time.

Contact your elected officials. PLEASE Ask your Senators and Representatives to remember nonprofit agencies in the relief bill they are currently negotiating. Ask everyone you know to do the same by clicking here

Donate. As a nonprofit, not a government agency, we need your donations now more than ever. Ask your friends, co-workers, and company to do the same. Please click here to make an online donation

Other ways to donate:
Send needed items. Use Amazon or another delivery service to donate items from our WISH List, like 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, fabric softener, laundry soap (he), exam gloves, empty spray bottles w/trigger sprayer.

Sewn masks, or purchased masks, for our surgical area.

Donated items should be SHIPPED to the HSSBV at 374 W Orange Show Road, San Bernardino, CA 92408. Please DO NOT visit our office or clinic to drop these off.

Keep Your Pets Healthy. The HSSBV, as an essential service to the community, remains open to treat pets. We strongly recommend making an appointment and appreciate your patience with our volunteers and staff, as the check in and out process will take longer than usual. These changes to our process are to protect the health of our clients, patients, volunteers and staff. To make an appointment, please call 909-386-1400.

Help While You Shop. Use Amazon Smile to have a portion of your purchase donated back to the HSSBV, by clicking here

View our Amazon Wish List here

All of this information is available to print and share HERE!

Stay in touch. Please follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on our latest information.




Help support the HSSBV from home!

Purchase an HSSBV gift certificate to use in the future, or to gift to a friend or family member!


Wish List

We are in need of items to help us care for animals in our care! We have needs in other programs and if you can provide any of the following, it would be very much appreciated!


  • 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
  • Fabric softner
  • Laundry soap (he)
  • Exam gloves
  • Empty spray bottles w/trigger sprayer


  • Dog houses, new or used in good condition
  • Laube pet hair clippers & blades (please contact us for blade size details)
  • Oster “A-5” hair clippers
  • Dog sweaters (size small)
  • Dog and cat food (dry and wet)
  • Puppy and kitten kood (dry and wet)
  • Dog and cat beds
  • Dog and cat toys
  • Large litter boxes
  • Kitty litter (scoopable)
  • Tide® laundry detergent (unscented, high efficiency)
  • Blankets and towels (new and used)
  • Craft felt and poster board
  • Colored paper (10-15 lb.)
  • Newspaper
  • Office supplies
  • Brown paper grocery bags
  • Pillow cases

Our humane educator needs funding to purchase a children’s book entitled What is Spaying and Neutering? And Why Should Pets Have These Operations? In easy-to-understand text and engaging pictures, it explains the huge problems of pet overpopulation and what can be accomplished for animals when we act as responsible pet owners. If ordered in a quantity of 500 or more, these books are only $1.00 each! Would you like to provide this book to hundreds of local school children in grades K-6?

Create a Lasting Legacy

Although we’ve moved into the Lawrence A. Hutton Animal Care and Education Center, you can still create a lasting legacy.

Honor a relative, friend or pet with a special memorial tile, brick or stone, or call Jill Henderson for other opportunities. Click here for a memorial form.

Memorial Wall Tiles

Memorial Wall Tile, 4 X 4
Limited text,
Donation $100.00

Garden Pavers

Memorial Brick, 4 X 8
Limited text,
Donation $250.00

Memorial Brick, 8 × 8
Limited text,
Donation $500.00

Additional recognition opportunities are available in the Lawrence A. Hutton Animal Care and Education Center. You can make a donation and have your name on any of the rooms in the facility as well as on our Kennel and Animal Cage Wall. Animal cages are $2,500 and Kennels $5,000. All gifts can be made with a pledge to pay over a 3 to 5 year period.