The veterinarian will have responsibility for all animals in the clinic assuring that their care and treatment are the highest quality and consistent with the policies of the clinic and with the highest standards of current veterinary practice. The veterinarian will be responsible for the following:

  1. Sterilization surgery
    for up to 40 animals per day
  2. Coordination of the Society’s medical staff and
    walk-in vaccination clinic
  3. Examination, treatment, or referral of certain
    animals brought to the clinic in accordance with HSSBV policy
  4. Euthanasia of certain animals in accordance with
    HSSBV policies and procedures
  5. Provide oversight to ordering, inventorying and
    budgeting medical and surgical supplies
  6. Ensure compliance with veterinary medical standards,
    practices, and procedures
  7. Provide support to management personnel to ensure an
    effective work environment

Apply by email to rday@hssbv.org, fax 909-386-1443, or apply in person today!!
Application for employment is located under the “Employment Opportunities” tab