Animal Legislation and Advocacy

The Humane Society uses a variety of communication tools to inform, educate, and encourage active participation in local, state, and federal animal welfare legislation. The San Bernardino City Animal Control Commission was established through the efforts of the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley.

Legislative Committee Tracks Animal Welfare Laws

The Legislative Committee, under the direction of Sue Herbert, has been monitoring a full agenda of animal welfare legislation over the past several months. Bills under consideration in Sacramento and Washington include laws to make spay/neuter mandatory throughout the state, to protect elephants and polar bears, to protect animals in pet shops and to eliminate puppy mills. Here is a sample of some of the laws the Legislative Committee is tracking and what you might do to affect this legislation.

AB1347: In its current, un-amended, form, AB1347, the Pet Store Animal Care Act, is weak and would only slap the wrists of non-complying pet shop owners. Tell your state senator to vote no on AB1347, unless it is amended to stiffen penalties for guilty shop owners.

AB777: This law would protect elephants in California from the use of bull hooks and would also set standards for housing elephants. For more information on how you can help, please contact Sue Herbert at (909)886-3444. You can track the progress of any state legislation by typing California Assembly or California Senate into the search window of your computer.

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