Mandatory Spay and Neuter

During the course of the day, the cruelty investigations department comes across a variety of situations. While patrolling a neighborhood, we saw a sign reading “puppies for sale.” We felt this was a perfect opportunity to stop and educate the sellers/owners regarding the mandatory spay and neuter ordinance in our city. It is unlawful to breed and sell dogs within the city limits.

Unfortunately, what we discovered on the property went beyond education. We could not find the puppies, but we found the mother dog, a sharpie pit mix. She was tied to a washing machine by a tangled rope, unable to reach her dog house. There was no water or food visible. She was thin and hungry.

Also, towards the back of the property we discovered an adult pit bull, also tied out on a short lead with only dirty pool water to drink from. We immediately offered a fresh bowl of water. The conditions were deplorable. We were able to make contact with the owners and the dogs were surrendered. CODE was notified to address the waste issues on the property.