Volunteer Survey

Please answer the following questions on a scale from 1 to 5 (1 being least favorable and 5 being most favorable)

As a volunteer with the HSSBV, do/did you feel your personal contributions were useful.

Do/did you enjoy your volunteer experience at the HSSBV?

I felt my personal contributions were appropriately acknowledged.

How likely are you to volunteer again in the future?

If your answer is “not at all” What could we have done different to retain you?

What do/did you like most about volunteering with us?

What do/did you like the least?

What can we do to better improve the overall experience for you and our volunteers?

If not currently volunteering, would you like to be contacted to volunteer within the next 30 days?

Which positions are you interested in?

  • Recovery Room (Monday-Friday)
  • Saturday Shot Clinic (only on Saturdays)
  • Event Support (As Scheduled)
  • Office Assistant & Support (Monday-Friday)
  • Emergency/ Disaster Relief & Support (As Needed)
  • Laundry Technician (Monday-Saturday)

Additional comments.

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