Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for considering the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley (HSSBV) as an organization worthy of your volunteer hours. All of us appreciate your interest in helping to prevent suffering for animals.

Saturday Shot Clinic – Receptionists & Greeters
Volunteers are always needed to assist on busy Saturday mornings. Volunteers must be able to work in loud, fast-paced office, and be able to follow directions. Saturday volunteer roles include receptionists that learn the computer system to check clients in and out for vaccinations, greeters, animal attendants to clean kennels and possibly walk dogs and play with cats, and helpers to fill out forms and ask questions related to basic health care of dogs and cats. Other tasks as assigned by Saturday Shot Clinic Supervisor.

Laundry Assistant
Volunteers needed to oversee the on-site washing and drying of blankets and towels (a large amount) which are used to help our animal patients be comfortable and warm while they await and recover from spay/neuter surgery. Laundry volunteers will fold and put away items, keep loads progressing, and ensure area is kept clean and in order. Volunteer must be able to lift, multi task, and be available as needed if requested by Recovery Area Supervisor.

Surgical Recovery Volunteer

This is a position of high responsibility and careful attention to detail. Volunteer will support surgical staff in observing animals as they awaken from spay/neuter surgery, and will make sure the animals are comfortable. This role involves a great deal of standing, bending, squatting, contact with animals, and lifting heavy animals and objects. Volunteer must be able to handle stress. Must communicate well with staff.

Outgoing persons needed to meet and greet clients as they enter our clinic, afternoons, Monday – Friday. They will direct clients to sign in and interact with clients as they wait for their appointment to be seen by staff. Must have passion for animals and be outgoing and personable.

Receptionist Assistant Volunteer

Needed to assist receptionist staff in busy office. Must be able to learn computer program and be able to learn procedures to check in and check out clients. Volunteer must be friendly and outgoing and have a passion for animals.

All volunteer assignments are subject to area managers’ training and approval.

Applications sent to the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley will be added to an ongoing list of applicants. The Volunteer Review Committee will contact those applicants that best fit our needs as opportunities become available to attend orientation sessions. Most communication is through email so be sure to add “HSSBV.org” to your safe-sender list!

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